Tanzania: Relaunch of the banking partnership between Crdb and Tpc Agency

CRDB Bank yesterday relaunched its agent banking partnership with the Tanzania Postal Corporation (TPC) to facilitate and strengthen services outside the physical branches of lenders.

Also, the reintroduction of CRDB Wakala services through TPC aimed at bringing financial services closer to the masses while facilitating the processing of out-of-branch transactions.

Minister of Communication and Information Technology Ministry Dr Faustine Ndugulile told the event that the partnership plans to increase financial inclusion in the country by bringing services closer to citizens.

“The CRDB is the front line in this field, having made significant investments in digital service delivery systems, including ‘Wakala’ services,” said Dr Ndungulile, who was the main guest of the event.

“The CRDB and TPC partnership will see a number of Tanzanians integrated into the formal banking system… but provide adequate education to users,” CRDB CEO Abdulmajid Nsekela told Minister Ndungulile that the partnership will increase the effectiveness of the bank to provide alternative banking services since TPC has more than 100 post offices that will act as CRDB Wakala.

“I invite all of our clients across the country and even non-clients to receive service through TPC, as all banking services are available through CRDB Wakala. of our transactions are done through CRDB Wakala versus branches, ”Mr. Nsekela said.

The lender has more than 20,000 agents spread across the country in urban and rural areas. TPC interim CEO Macrice Mbodo told Dr Ndungulile that his organization is fully committed to ensuring that the goal of the partnership is achieved, further shaping the country’s financial inclusion agenda.

“We are proud to be part of the solution to access financial services for ‘wananchi’ … We will ensure that customers get the services easily and quickly,” said Mbodo.

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