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Starting a bank branch Yep! Gets $1.5 million for expansion

People no longer need to go to banks to make specific transactions because we now have merchant banks all around us to help us. These banks exist as human-run point-of-sale systems. These individuals are considered human ATMs. Banks and telecom operators, as well as startups such as Chinese-backed unicorn OPay and TeamApt, are major players. […]

Backed by Y Combinator, Nigerian agency banking startup CrowdForce raises $3.6m in pre-Series A

CrowdForce will use the capital to expand its team, geographic operations and marketing to increase its agent network. CrowdForce aims to triple its 6,000 active agents this year. The company will distribute more point-of-sale (PoS) terminals to small businesses – gas stations, pharmacies and aggregators/resellers – which act as mobile banking branches. CrowdForce has been […]

Bank branch with NIPOST, crypto beyond trading, Periculum’s credit analysis tool

This post is a delayed version of Summary of technical points, a weekly newsletter that provides updates on major African tech events. You can start receiving it hours before everyone else if you subscribe now Salvation, Today I discuss: The banking ambitions of NIPOST Other Use Cases for Cryptography Creditworthiness in the African Context NIPOST’s […]

Why we launched the debit card, a bank branch for NIPOST — Pantami –

The Minister of Communications and Digital Economy, Prof. Isa Pantami has unveiled the Nigerian Postal Service’s agency banking and debit card platform. It also launched 27 courier service vehicles to enable NIPOST and its partner, Speedaf Express, to compete favorably in the industry. Pantami said it was impossible for an economy to transform without digitalization. […]

NIPOST unveils debit card, branch banking to boost Nigeria’s digital economy

Minister of Communications and Digital Economy, Prof. Isa Pantami unveiled the Nigerian Postal Service (NIPOST) Debit Card, an agency banking platform to deepen financial inclusion and boost the digital economy from Nigeria. This comes as the minister also launched 27 courier service vehicles to enable NIPOST and its partner Speedaf Express to compete favorably in […]

Inside TeamApt: How a Newcomer Topped the Competition to Dominate Branch Banking

Six years after the launch of TeamApt, a little-known banking software development company, it sparked excitement after Bloomberg announced the startup’s decision to raise $ 150 million at a billion dollar valuation, which would elevate him to the coveted unicorn status. The co-founders of TeamApt had shifted the business from a team of four in […]

Kenyan fintech offers Africa’s first shared agency banking platform

NAIROBI, Kenya, December 8 – Eclectics International, a Kenya-owned fintech company, has been recognized for successfully developing and deploying a proprietary shared agency banking platform in Uganda, the first in Africa. A shared agency banking platform takes an approach that allows multiple financial institutions to share agency banking infrastructure and technology to serve clients. Launched […]

Eclectics International develops the first shared agency banking platform in Africa

Eclectics International, a Kenya-owned fintech company, has developed Africa’s first shared agency banking system offering all banks’ services on a single platform. The shared agency banking platform that is now available in Uganda has been attributed to increased financial inclusion in the country by extending financial services to the under-banked and unbanked population, mainly in […]

Branch banking services create wealth for more Nigerians

High unemployment, economic hardship and the quest for survival are some of the factors now pushing many Nigerians to take advantage of the opportunities created by the Financial Inclusion Initiative led by the Central Bank of Nigeria. The current economic difficulties of many Nigerians have clearly awakened their survival instincts in the face of a […]

Nigeria’s TeamApt Secures New Funding to Deepen Branch Banking Services

Nigerian FinTech startup TeamApt, which provides financial services to the underserved mass market in Africa, has announced the completion of its Series B funding round. The undisclosed funding will allow the company to expand its offerings directly to clients and micro-SMEs, giving them access to the financial access lifelines they need to be successful, while […]

Benefits of branch banking

BY BUKOLA IDOWU | With more than 50,000 bank agents across the country, there remains a gap in meeting the financial needs of Nigerians. Additionally, many Nigerians have learned during the pandemic that transactions can be done without entering a banking room, a situation made possible by bank agents. Commercial banks and payment service providers […]

Managing the insecurity associated with branch banking services

AGENCY Banking – using point of sale terminals, PoS, introduced by the Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN, to facilitate cashless economy policy – has become a source of violent death for our young people. Agency bankers receive and distribute money to customers using the point of sale. They are authorized by commercial banks to enter […]

Ecobank Nigeria Launches Smart SME Banking Campaign to Empower Small Businesses

Monday, Nov 30, 2020 / 5:00 p.m. / by Ecobank / Header image credit: Thisday Ecobank Nigeria launched a smart banking campaign for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to empower 100,000 entrepreneurs under the Ecobank proposal for SMEs and branch banking. Emeka Agada, Head of SMEs, Ecobank Nigeria, said the initiative was introduced in line […]

Access Bank Rwanda presents branch banking services | New times

Access Bank Rwanda has introduced a new branch banking product called “Ikaze Agency Banking” with the aim of improving proximity to customers and increasing presence across the country. The model allows Access Bank to contract third-party retail networks across the country to serve as banking agents providing financial services on their behalf. Olivier Gakuba, Group […]

How the Banque de Kigali branch office changed access to financial services | New times

Previously, banking services in the country were characterized by regular and sometimes bureaucratic processes and procedures, such as few working hours and formal locations. This has often been blamed for limited financial inclusion and low banking penetration. To reverse the trend and perception as well as to ensure easy access to banking services across the […]

No smooth running yet – Businessamlive

Savior Adugba NIGERIA HAS HAD A LONG DRIVE for financial inclusion, supported by a related pathway to support the development of its digital economy. In this quest, the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) and the Ministry of Communications and Digital Economy have created policies to help engender the achievement of national financial inclusion goals. One […]

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