Selcom Huduma app expands agency banking for smartphone owners

The redesigned app will allow agents and merchants to offer the full range of transactions already available on the PoS device while removing the barrier to entry for agents who wish to earn secondary income by serving customers in cash.

Selcom Huduma was first launched in 2009 to facilitate bill, utility and airtime payments with LUKU and Dawasco being big name offerings at the time. Since then, the service portfolio has rapidly expanded to include bank branches, insurance, airtime, internet and television subscriptions, solar power, government payments (including payment service recently launched TARURA parking electronics) and betting cashouts / withdrawals, among many other services that serve the cash customer who wants to avoid transaction fees charged by banks and mobile wallets.

The app is also used to accept and manage payments made by customers who use Selcom Pay / Mastercard QR by enabling merchants to immediately access funds at no additional cost to pay vendors to their mobile wallet or bank accounts.

Agents and merchants can simply download the Selcom Huduma app from the Apple or Android app stores to sign up to start trading and making money right away. The Selcom float is available at any NMB, NBC, CRDB, TCB or Akiba Bank branch or at Selcom Huduma + super agents nationwide with no deposit fees.

Why the app?

The latest statistics from the Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA) show that the number of mobile internet subscribers stood at over 27 million at the end of September last year. This shows that Internet penetration and mobile users are increasing exponentially, as is the demand for assisted services through applications.

While the Selcom Huduma PoS targets businessmen and entrepreneurs, it will further exploit the individual user space, passive agent and student entrepreneur who can use the app as a means to make their own payments or those who pay them. surround while earning an income.

Commenting on the relaunched app, Selcom Executive Director Sameer Hirji said his company wants to add more agents and merchants to its base, and the most logical way to speed up the process is to empower users to use equipment that is already in their pockets. – their smartphone.

“The learning curve on mobile apps is much flatter for new users, as is the barrier to entry. It also makes the decision of advanced users to make an informed move to a PoS device. In addition, with the progress we are making with our partner banks and agent and merchant data, we will soon be able to introduce access to business loans so that, therefore, the more an agent / merchant is active. , the more he can borrow. “Hirji said in Dar es Salaam at the relaunch ceremony last week.

He further noted that the Selcom PoS had not been phased out, but rather the company had actively upgraded the fleet of devices with newer Android devices that are more relevant to the new services that are constantly being added. to supply, and with the increased issuance of schematic cards. by banks.

“We will soon be enabling our PoS devices to accept card payments at extremely competitive acquisition fees, further pushing our program to mainstream digital payments. This recent addition to Selcom’s range of services is expected to increase the level of participation of microenterprises in the financial sector, enabling those in rural areas to provide services in remote areas where banks and other financial service providers cannot. not easily reach, ”added the head of Selcom.

Hirji added that the latest app is also expected to create more employment opportunities for people on the fringes, especially young people and women in rural and urban areas, and thus be in tune with the need for technology to provide jobs. solutions to the way things are done.

The pan-African financial and cross-industry payment services provider serves millions of customers across sub-Saharan Africa, with a full range of electronic payment products and services focused on digital, card and cardless processing services. The service is now used by more than 50,000 agents and 75,000 traders across the country.

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