National Crime Agency jobs available a short drive from Liverpool and how much they pay

The National Crime Agency advertises a number of exciting and challenging roles within driving distance of Liverpool.

The NCA is a national law enforcement agency in the UK and is the UK’s leading agency against a number of major crimes. Its aim is to lead the UK’s fight to reduce serious and organized crime.

The agency is looking for people to join its team in its Warrington office, with more than 20 positions available just 45 minutes from Liverpool.

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The benefits of working in public service roles within the ANC include:

• Public service pension plan

• 26 days of annual leave of up to 31 after 5 years of continuous service

• Training and development opportunities

• Cycle2work program

Here are some of the top positions available at the NCA Warrington office:

Project manager and planner

One of the jobs available just 20 miles away is the project manager role. The job description reads: “As a project manager, you will manage specific projects on a day-to-day basis.

“Responsible for leading and overseeing project delivery to ensure objectives are clearly defined and achieved within agreed time, cost and quality constraints. You will play a key role in the governance of the project and work with stakeholders to ensure that the agreed project outcomes are delivered to enable the benefits to be realized.

Find out more HERE.

Internal communications officer

Joining as a member of the communications team, this role would see employees use their “skills as a professional communicator to support the implementation of the NCA’s communications strategy – building the trust of the public and partners, improve intelligence image and disrupt criminals operating at the highest level end high risk, involve officers in our mission, make improvements to our culture and support them in organizational change.

Find out more HERE.

Head of Finance

For those with a financial background this could be an exciting job with a starting salary of over £ 45,000 per year!

The job description states: “You will play a key role in supporting individual business areas in financial governance and management, ensuring that budgets are well constructed, managed and monitored, and supporting senior management in producing business cases and plans to improve performance, reduce risk and better value for money.

“You will advise the management of the company down to the board level, on all aspects of the day-to-day financial control within the NCA, providing them with expert financial advice and information. “

Find out more HERE.

Staff officer / private secretary

Working closely with law enforcement in Whitehall, this role will give employees invaluable experience working in a fast-paced and stimulating environment.

As the G4 Staff Officer / Private Secretary, you will be the essential bridge between the Deputy Director and the rest of the Agency in advancing their priorities.

Find out more HERE.

Principal agent of sustainability

With a starting salary of £ 36,000 per year, this role is perfect for someone who wants to ensure the sustainability of large organizations.

The job description reads: “This is a fascinating and challenging role at the heart of NCA’s Organizational Service and Sustainability function, which is instrumental in the provision of support services on our sites and ensures that we are working to achieve a set of ambitious sustainability goals.

“The Senior Sustainability Officer will focus on improving sustainability performance, including achieving the NCA GGC goals.

“The team is responsible for the environmental performance of the NCA, providing advice, setting technical standards, gathering and analyzing data, submitting investment bids and implementing work programs to reduce energy, l ‘water, waste and improve biodiversity throughout the NCA domain. ”

Find out more HERE.

With over 20 Warrington-based roles available on the NCA website, you can check out all of the roles. here.

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