Internal Agency of the Year 2021: Oliver/U-Studio

U-Studio, Unilever’s in-house creative agency, was set up in partnership with Oliver in 2016. It has been named Campaign‘s Global In-House Agency of the Year for the second consecutive year. The judges said Oliver is a “very impressive agency, doing great, useful work.”

U-Studio has stood with Unilever from the onset of the pandemic and helped Unilever embark on a rapid transformation program for a changed world. U-Studio’s internal model offers scale, resilience and flexibility backed by world-class technology. It has evolved its marketing ecosystem to serve Unilever’s brands while supporting cutting-edge initiatives to foster environmental awareness and equity, diversity and inclusion.

Using proprietary methodologies, U-Studio has implemented new technology-driven capabilities and ways of working, raising creative standards and helping Unilever’s brands stand out in the culture. His powerful and focused initiatives for brands such as Rexona and Matey have tackled important societal issues with insight and creativity.

Olivier also helped bolster the social commerce prowess of Unilever brands and build expertise in beauty, e-commerce, influencer marketing and creative automation, leading to a record year of awards. Now offering more services to Unilever brands than ever before, U-Studio defines what in-house agencies can actually achieve and reaches more consumers, faster and more effectively.

Silver: Creative X, Meta, USA

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