Month: June 2021

“We use agency banking to stimulate entrepreneurship and wealth creation” – Ecobank – Nairametrics

Ecobank Nigeria says its vision of using the branch banking program to stimulate entrepreneurship, provide employment opportunities and support micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) is bearing fruit as more than 32,000 Nigerians , including former employees and retirees, have embraced the program to support their daily lives. . According to the bank, in addition […]

Lee Je Hoon creates individual agency COMPANY ON after splitting from former agency Saram Entertainment

Actor Lee Je Hoon who recently starred in the drama thriller, Taxi driver started his own individual agency, COMPANY ON after splitting from long-time agency Saram Entertainment in April. COMPANY ON and hereby support its activities and efforts in the future. The actor had been associated with Saram Entertainment for 12 years now. It seems […]

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