Month: November 2020

Ecobank Nigeria Launches Smart SME Banking Campaign to Empower Small Businesses

[ad_1] Monday, Nov 30, 2020 / 5:00 p.m. / by Ecobank / Header image credit: Thisday Ecobank Nigeria launched a smart banking campaign for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to empower 100,000 entrepreneurs under the Ecobank proposal for SMEs and branch banking. Emeka Agada, Head of SMEs, Ecobank Nigeria, said the initiative was introduced in […]

Concierge service par excellence set up escort agency website

[ad_1] Quintessentially, a concierge company run by the co-chair of the British Conservative Party, created the website of an international escort agency called Le Besoin and registered it at its London headquarters. Founded by Ben Elliot, co-chair of the Conservative Party and friend of Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Quintessentially helped create the website in 2013. […]

LHV Banking Services prepares branch banking services in UK and Europe on a large scale

[ad_1] LHV Banking Services (“LHV” or the “Bank”), the leading provider of payment infrastructures for financial intermediaries and regulated FinTechs, now offers full branch banking services to its clients and to the payments industry within the meaning of large. The Bank has extended its range of products to all financial intermediaries and will therefore enable […]

Access Bank Rwanda presents branch banking services | New times

[ad_1] Access Bank Rwanda has introduced a new branch banking product called “Ikaze Agency Banking” with the aim of improving proximity to customers and increasing presence across the country. The model allows Access Bank to contract third-party retail networks across the country to serve as banking agents providing financial services on their behalf. Olivier Gakuba, […]

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